Religion in America

Reflective Letter
July 14, 2018
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July 14, 2018

Religion in America

*Paper should be at least six pages in length, double spaced, bibliography included, on any topic on religion in America of your choosing. Make sure your topic is about religion in America (i.e., not just a summery of Islam, Buddhism but relate a religion to its practice/context in the USA). Your paper can be about a movement religion, history, beliefs, etc. You may even want to research your own religion , church, or tradition. I may help you revise your topic. If you have trouble researching your topic, try perusing through the textbook for ideas.

Suggested topics/ideas:

A local religious history such as your own church or how a certain religion made its way to Cape Girardeau or SE Missouri (i.e., Missouri Synod Lutherans)
A minority tradition that I do not cover in class or at least in depth (Baha’i, Mennonites, Greek Orthodoxy, etc.)
A story of religion and conflict (Religion in public schools or public displays, gender and religion, etc.)
Sex and religion (What are the sexual mores of a certain religion or compare and contrast two religions)

**All sources must be cited as you use them with either endnotes or footnotes. The actual style is up to you; just be consistent.**

You should have AT LEAST four good sources in your bibliography. Do NOT use any open internet sources for your paper unless it is the official website of a particular religion. You CAN (and I encourage you to use) the library search engines for journal articles.*

As stated in the topic section, I would like for the paper to be comparing and contrasting the views of extramarital sex in Christianity and Islam.