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July 13, 2018
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July 14, 2018

Reflective Letter

After reading C4, focusing on reflecting and the reflective letter, write a 2 FULL page reflective letter similar to that described in the Writing Guide on page 42 of A Writer’s Reference. This assignment gives you an opportunity to explain yourself as a writer, your growth since the beginning of the semester, what you have learned, how your work shows you have learned it, and how you want to continue to grow moving forward. Note: I âm not asking you to put together a portfolio; rather, I am asking you to look at where you started, look at what you have done, and explain how what you’ve done (with specific examples) demonstrates growth as a writer. You can talk about how I grew as a writer, learned more things.

Consider your writing, your thought processes, your strengths and weaknesses in critical thinking and analytical writing, and what, specifically, you like to improve.

Some thoughts: Reflection is an important tool in our process of continual improvement through life. We engage in reflective acts any time we think back on something that we experienced, how we handled it, and what we might do differently if we could do it again. Reflection, then, is also an important tool in improving ourselves as writers. Reflection on your own learning and performance not only strengthens your analytical and metacognitive skills, but it also encourages you to think about how to improve going forward, not only in this class, but in all your classes. You should be specific with examples in this essay in the form of quotations or paraphrases of your original work. The examples should illustrate and explain your analysis of your own learning and progress. You will explain your progress so far, posit reasons for it, and think about how to improve going forward.

Format your work in the form of a letter similar to the one shown on page 39.

Here are pages 39-42 in the book A Writers Reference showing how the professor wants the reflection letter formatted

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