Professional Letter Instructions with a Sample

Reflective Letter
July 14, 2018

Professional Letter Instructions with a Sample

This entire course has focused on written communication in various formats such as a professional letter. While attorneys frequently draft memos and briefs, they draft far more letters and emails. Thus, one of the greatest tools an attorney can possess is the ability to draft professional letters and emails.

In this final assignment of the session, you will be drafting a professional letter to your client explaining the decision of the court. You are continuing with the same facts and issues that you have covered thus far. By now, the facts and law should be as familiar to you as the back of your hand. Your instructor will provide a summary of the decision of the court. It will be up to you to advise your client on the decision of the court and what they should do next.

The letter that you draft needs to follow the format that has been included in your textbook for an advice letter. This includes the headings and sections. The text must be single-spaced, and the font must be 12-point Times New Roman. One-inch margins should be set for the entire document. Remember, this document must be between 1/2 pages.

Instructions for the professional letter.

Today begins our final week together, and I know many of you are anxious to finish. First, you are more than welcome to finish the last assignment as soon as you want. You have all of the information that you need to complete this assignment, except the address of the Smiths. Please create a simple address for the Smiths.



March 17th, 2017

Ms. Oprah Johnson
Hiring Manager
Axis Essays
1343 Third Street
Bakersfield, CA 90002

Job Offer

Dear Ms. Johnson,

Thank you very much for offering me the role of a finance manager in your organization. After careful deliberation, I have decided to accept a position in another company that is more in line with my career goals and experience. I sincerely enjoyed interacting with you and your team, Kim and Dalvin. I hope that you get the best replacement, and I look forward to hearing about your success.


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