July 13, 2018

Professional Letter Instructions with a Sample

This entire course has focused on written communication in various formats such as a professional letter. While attorneys frequently draft memos and briefs, they draft far more letters and emails. Thus, one of the greatest tools an attorney can possess is the ability to draft professional letters and emails. In […]
July 14, 2018

Reflective Letter

After reading C4, focusing on reflecting and the reflective letter, write a 2 FULL page reflective letter similar to that described in the Writing Guide on page 42 of A Writer’s Reference. This assignment gives you an opportunity to explain yourself as a writer, your growth since the beginning of […]
July 14, 2018

Religion in America

*Paper should be at least six pages in length, double spaced, bibliography included, on any topic on religion in America of your choosing. Make sure your topic is about religion in America (i.e., not just a summery of Islam, Buddhism but relate a religion to its practice/context in the USA). […]
July 14, 2018

Non-profit organization

Choose a for-profit company that operates in the market economy since a Non-profit organization do not normally operate through the market mechanism. The paper should be 2-3 pages long and typed double spaced. For writing the paper select a company that you currently work for or plan to work for […]